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Fine art in North Bend
posted by John : May 23, 2009

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Don't look behind the curtain

Clara and Lilly have been battling through a crazy Spring while always getting to ballet class once a week even when the storms blew and circumstances would seem to dictate we should have called it quits. (A testament to Amy's dedication or a near-fanatical love for the dancing on the part of the girls? Tough call.)

Saturday was a glorious day, of course, and the girls were a bundle of nerves into the early afternoon. Their costumes were finally taken off the hangers and they were promised they'd get to wear them at long last. No longer were the sparkly outfits off-limits. Today was the big day.

I got the girls to the theatre in time for them to be seated with their class and save nearly two complete rows of seats. Amy, Henry, and the rest of the girls' entourage arrived just in time for the curtain call. What a disaster that would have been had they missed it.

Of course, the big fail of the day was all mine. I tried to use a fancy camera I was unfamiliar with and instead got nothing but dark photos with bright pink spots instead for Clara's solo. I hear it was great, though I was so disappointed it's a good thing the camera didn't belong to me or it would have met its end that afternoon.

Lilly's performance was a delight. While Clara was artful Lilly was hilarious. After all, it was "dance theatre" and they put on quite a show. Dressed like a flamboyant zebra the girls pranced all around the stage. Sometimes they were even in sync with each other, the music, or the teacher. (Though never all three.)

After the final review, which again included medals for repeating dancers, the girls beamed with pride while graciously accepting flowers and the admiration of cousins and friends.

We ended the day with a quick local dinner and then an early night. After all, the recital was the beginning of Memorial Day weekend. There were two more days on the way.

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