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Portland for Uncle Larry
posted by John : February 27 - March 1, 2009

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Blue skies... why are we leaving?

It's Friday morning and we're looking at blue skies with fresh snow on the mountains. We've come up with lots of rules over the years to help keep the world in balance, but the one that seems the most true has been, "Don't leave blue skies at home."

Some times the rules need to be broken. (It ain't easy, but nonetheless...)

So we left blue skies and headed to Portland right after Clara was done with school. The roads were clear and we made good time even though there were fewer naps than should have been. Goggi took the brunt of that. The kids bounced off the walls and were only just distracted when Aubrey would swing through on her way to the gym or the game or the party or wherever it is that high schoolers go.

The next morning the kids were up early and since Amy had been waking up to deal with them I took the girls (and later Henry) downstairs. Breakfast only lasted so long and although Clara was content to read a book Lilly and Henry are a little less intellectual at this point. So I did what any good father would do. I rearranged the furniture.

All three kids spent much of the time before Amy woke chasing each other through the mini-maze and almost forgot there was so much to do.

The much to do was to go celebrate Uncle Larry's 60th birthday. (Uncle Larry is Nana's brother.) The party was at Cousin's gold club (yes, he does own it), which was a bit of a burst of optimism after Larry's 50th birthday party that was at a funeral home.

The party, for me at least, was a a blur of short monkeys running between the tables. They only got more amped up when they had fruit (sugar) and cake (more sugar). Clara is the oldest of the seven cousins and there was one more to add to the chaos. I think the other adults talked to each other and stuff, but I was just chasing. Good times.

After the party we split up with the eventual goal of meeting back at Grams and Gramps' place on the other side of town. The kids went with Amy while I went with Papa and Nicole and Goggi on a shopping expedition to two of my favorite stores: Apple and REI. Unfortunately, I wasn't buying anything big, but it was nice to go anyway. A late dinner, jammies, and a drive across town and it was back to bed.

The next morning I had planned to take the kids back to the park or maybe to a natural area park (ie: mini-hike), but it was pouring rain and it seemed a far better idea to just chill inside with Goggi. The kids again pounded her walls and I'm sure she slept for a day or two after we left. Our goal was to get home at a decent hour so we left shortly after Nicole and Molly arrived for lunch.

The drive home was again greatly lacking in naps, at least until we got to the end of our driveway when Henry finally fell asleep. Thankfully, he was a pretty heavy sleeper and snored his way through the rest of us unpacking and getting ready for dinner. It must be a pretty sweet life to wake up, eat, and head back to bed. Ah... to be one again.

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