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posted by John : December 13, 2008

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Merry Christmas!

Two primary goals: Get the kids into the snow and get our annual snow picture.

Many, many secondary goals: Get me into the snow. Try out the pulk enhancements. Try out the truck in the snow.

We pulled into the Hyak Sno-Park and the girls jumped out and immediately started playing in the foot or so of snow. (Goal 1a and 2a: Check.) It was a challenge to get them to respect their fancy picture-wear and not just dive straight into the snow. I can't really blame them, though. I did the same thing the first time I found snow this season.

I set up the pulk and plopped Clara and Henry into the seat. (Goal 2b: Check.) Yes, The Incredible Pulk now has a seat. It's very fashionable, too. Made of a recycling bin and decorated with white stickers from our "sponsors." (If you have one you'd like to donate let us know. Currently we have, Apple, and Under Armour.) Unfortunately, the snow was so soft and deep the pulk wasn't stable enough so I had to unhitch (via the updated harness) and we arranged the pulk, blanket, and kids in front of some trees just off the Iron Horse. A few hundred shots later and we had a winner. (Goal 1b: Check.)

With the important stuff done we retreated to the truck, traded photogenic coats and pants for ones that would actually keep the kids dry and warm, and tromped to the sledding hill. Unfortunately, there was not quite enough snow for the big hill (and the little hill wasn't even a hill). So instead I packed down a short run closer to the parking lot and we did a couple of slides there. Lilly and Clara continued eating snow in between flying down the little course and Henry made it clear he wasn't a big fan. Even Amy got in the act a bit.

We stripped the snowy clothes off at the car and poured hot chocolate for the girls. On the way home Amy tried to lose traction, but couldn't. (Goal 2c: Check.) With all our goals accomplished we finished the drive down the mountain and got the kids into bed for short naps.

No distance or real gain, but a bundle of laughs and snow, snow, snow, snow!

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