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Halloween 2008
posted by John : October 31, 2008

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Cute, Odd, and Custom

It was a pretty standard Halloween. Sure, we were late getting pumpkins and wound up carving them on Halloween Eve, but that kind of pumped the kids up for the next night. And sure, there was a weird flag (French?) outside the Lyman's house where we would be trick-or-treating that made it all seem so much more foreign. But in the end there were a bunch little monsters dressed up as other little monsters looking for candy.

Clara was Cinderella. Big surprise there.

Lilly was a monkey again. How can you mess with success?

Henry was a lion. A little Rasta lion. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

Amy was a space pimp. (Your guess is as good as mine.)

On our hosts's side there was a jester (Daryl), a witch (actually two if you include Michelle's cousin Brenda), a Spider-Man, a Buzz Lightyear (he should hook up with the space pimp), and a dog (I think it might have been a rat inside the dog costume, I'm not sure).

We left Michelle's father to scare the bejeezus out of kids with his foreign accent and headed down the street. We like trick-or-treating in fancy lawyertown because (a) there are lots of other families out on the streets, (b) lots of houses go to great lengths to decorate, and (c) there's a higher ratio of full-size candy bars to "fun" size candy bars.

Last year Henry was a hot dog and like most hot dogs didn't move all that much. This year he was roaring like any good lion, but acting a little bit more like a cowardly lion than the king of the jungle. At least at first. After a few houses he was observed actually pushing aside his sisters to get to the candy bowl. (We'd discipline him for such aggression, but it seems he's going to need those skills as he gets older with two sisters.)

All the kids did great throughout the night with only minor meltdowns from Henry toward the very end, a full hour past bedtime. However, it wasn't anything a few M&Ms couldn't fix and we even got him to start saying, "Please," with regularity, though he might think that's actually what he was eating.

Now the costumes are being washed and the candy's been sorted (the extra went to Grandpa Jack as thanks for helping collect firewood). Clara found the White Christmas DVD and realized there's only a few short weeks until Thanksgiving and after the turkey comes White Christmas without end. (Including at least one showing at the North Bend Theater!)

Halloween's done, but not forgotten. At least not until the last of the candy wrappers is thrown away and the sugar buzz fades into a dull headache.

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