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Pretty School
posted by John : September 9, 2008

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Big girl

I'm sure all these Lillyisms will one day wind us up in a very expensive therapist's office, but in the meantime they sure are fun.

Amy took Clara to kindergarten while I took Lilly and Henry to preschool. After dropping Clara Amy would catch up and then I'd leave from preschool to go to work. We all left at the same time, which meant we were at preschool way before the doors opened.

I made Lilly sit still (in other words, she was still buckled into her seat) for the requisite "where are you going and what are you going to do?" video. This is where the bulk of the Lillyisms came out.

Like the fact that it's not "preschool," but "pretty school."

She's not a "girl" at all. She's a "gwail" and a "big gwail" at that.

And that she was going to ride the bus home. (No, there's no bus home from preschool.)

After I let her out (and freed poor Henry from his seat) she ran around like mad. I wanted to get a couple of good pictures just like I had with Clara, but two years of maturity means that Clara will stand still and smile for a picture while Lilly is more apt to stick her tongue out or make faces.

If she's standing still. More often than not she's off and running up and down the sidewalk. Henry tried to keep up, but had little luck. Even another girl couldn't match Lilly's footwork.

When Amy arrived Lilly and Henry both forgot about me and swarmed her. Amy's getting pretty buff from hauling around these increasingly beefy kids (ok, maybe a couple of kids in the 30th percentile aren't exactly "beefy," but you get my point), but today both Lilly and Henry were uber squirmy. Luckily, the doors opened and we slowly progressed up the walkway.

This is when Lilly started feeling a little less confident than she had previously. Suddenly, it seemed a lot more fun to stay at home with Amy than to hang out at school. Thankfully, Lilly was coerced into walking into the classroom and there saw a big bucket of her favorite thing in the whole world: rocks. Game over. Parents? What parents? Come back later you freaky people. I'm going to play with rocks.

Shunned, we departed. I headed to work and Amy took Henry to the doctor for his 15 month appointment. With Henry full of meds (three shots in one visit, owie) Amy returned, snatched Lilly a few minutes early and raced back to meet Clara's bus. This will undoubtedly prove to be the most difficult part of sending the kids off to school. No tears, just a few speeding tickets.

Well, maybe a few tears. I hear they might help Amy get out of those tickets...

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