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Happy Birthday, Henry!
posted by John : June 1, 2008

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Ooh... balloons

It seems crazy that Henry's birthday came around. Not that he had a birthday (I mean, doesn't everyone have a birthday?), but that it seems to soon. Nonetheless, the calendar doesn't usually lie and it was difficult to come up with a plausible scenario in which the shadow government had altered the time-space continuum so we threw a party. (Just in case it was a conspiracy we kept the guest list short lest they see the fruit of their labor.)

Back in the real world (the one without silent black helicopters) Henry was almost incidental at his own party. The girls had their friends so they were being crazy. Henry did get to play with his cousins (the triplets) so that was cool. The weather cooperated enough to let us play a bit outside and eat outside so we had a little less to clean up.

Looking back in time at the girls' first birthdays is kind of fun. Clara was walking at her party and Lilly was talking a bit at hers. Henry's doing neither. Perhaps it's because he's a boy (we're slower, or so I've heard) or because the girls push him down or carry him or because they get him everything he wants or needs without him having to do much more than fuss a bit. (Or maybe he's smart enough to know it's better to fly under the radar to avoid unwanted attention.)

As usual there was a cake of sorts to be destroyed, but this time it was a cupcake rather than a traditional cake. Henry must have been pretty hungry and did his best to polish off both a chocolate and a vanilla cupcake. Plus ice cream. Maybe he won't be a runt forever.

Presents were chaotic as always. The kids were all into helping unwrap presents and only a few had issues when they realized they only got a balloon and a goody bag. It's about time they learned that life isn't always about them. That's what we're here for. Teaching the hard lessons. And watching the skies for black helicopters.

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